Alesis MTT-8

Rubber Button Fix


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When my Alesis MTT-8 sequencer arrived one week ago I already had a bad feeling about it.Due to the fact I payed just 30 Euro at Ebay and I guessed right.

The Buttons were in very bad condition as well know for the MTT caused by using ugly soft buttons back in the 80´s when it was manufactured.

Anyway here is the fix:

First of all this fix won´t work if your rubber buttons are already broken or the contacts are gone.

Needed tools:

- soldering Iron (very thin)

- tin-solder

- spirit

- a soft towel


Open the screws of and remove the cover of your MTT


Remove the wires from the PCB and put the buttom cover aside. (Image1)


Open the screws that fix the PCB to the Frontpanel make sure you don´t loose any of them they are important to keep the bottons in their place. (Image2)


Now your ready to remove the PCB (Image3) and the rubber buttons (Image4).Get the soft towel and spill some spirit on it.Clean the silver contacts of the PCB very carefully so they look more or less clean.

After that you´re ready to use your soldering iron.Put very little tin-solder on the pike and slowly glide across the contacts where the rubber buttons are placed normally. Be careful and don´t use to much tin-solder the hight of the contacts should not be bigger than before soldering!!!


Almost done...the lanst thing to do is to clean the rubber buttons. Use your towel and clean the little black circles on the back of the buttons. You may also (like I did) put the whole thing into soap water for several minutes and try it with a soft towel afterwards.Don´t use a towl that looses fibre easily because you won´t get them of the rubber after you finished.


Reassamble the whole case. (Don´t forget any screws here)


Finished! And good as new!




Our little patient ;)

Remove the cables but remember the directions (Image1)

Thats what we want! (Image2)

The PCB and... (Image3)

... the rubber buttons (Image4)